Where do we go from here?

I was in the country of my fathers in August, and met up with friends, relations and made a few new acquaintances. I was struck by two conversations on brexit. I asked one of my friends how about their reaction to brexit and they said – ‘I am heartbroken’. I asked another about how they felt following the result, and they said – ‘I definitely felt no longer welcome here’.

I travelled around rural Shropshire and everything seems to be working well, people have a comfortable and satisfactory life with little sign of a society in crisis. I’m just astonished that people genuinely believe that it is in their best interests to throw away the status quo and choose the unknown.

I met colleagues to a ‘leaver’-friend. These people have come to London from around Europe (and beyond) and have helped to make the business a success. And now we’re going to say to them: go away, we don’t want you here anymore.

We are now in the beginning of a lengthy period of uncertainty. The United Kingdom may leave the European Union in 2017, or 2020, or 2025, or maybe never. Or maybe England and Wales will leave the United Kingdom. Or maybe the European project will now go into reverse, with each member state only seeking to preserve that which benefits themselves. Millions of people’s lives have been put on hold. Do we take that job in London? Or Edinburgh? Or Paris? Or Milan? Do we buy that property? Do we stay here and start a family? What kind of future can we plan for, if what we had expected is now being exchanged for the unknown?



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